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BedbugsBedbugs are small, elusive, parasitic insects which live by feeding exclusively on the blood of humans and warm blooded animals. This pest can reproduce at a striking rate and if left undisturbed, they may form massive infestations.

Recognition: Adults are red/brownish with a flat oval body. They have no wings.  A common misconception is that they are not visible to the naked eye, adults are actually  4–5 mm in length and 1.5+mm wide. Nymphs/new borns are translucent, and become darker as they moult and reach adulthood.    

Signs of infestation: Bites received during the night are the easiest indication of bedbugs. Bits will take the form of Itchiness, large wheals , fading to a red mark over a few days ,  Reddening of the skin Localized swelling,  Blisters around the bites.
You can do a visual check for bed bugs by checking the bed and linen. A thorough examination is needed because they hide in crevices and creases. There may also be small bloodstains from any squashed bugs on the bedding, and signs of excrement (red/dark spots) on mattresses and bedding.
There may also be a strong,  offensive, sweet, musty smell when infestations are severe.                                                                                                  

Facts : Females can lay upto 500 eggs during her lifetime. Bed bugs can live for a year without a blood meal. A bed bug’s saliva will numb the pain as it bites, so the victim wont brush it off. It also contains anti-coagulant to keep the blood flowing when feeding.