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Pest Control Companies which carry out commercial and industrial pest control will provide innovative and environmentally friendly methods to eliminate pests from your local premises.

Every commercial and industrial premises is different so an integrated Pest Management programme must be tailored to suit its needs.  They are extremely effective and utilize the most advanced methods in the industry.

All pest control products are used according to the label and all areas treated are applied along with H&S standards. 

Pest Control Treatments carried out to commercial or industrial complexes initially start with a thorough inspection of the premises to determine the problem pest/s and the extent of the infestations.

Integrated  Pest Management Programmes include the inspection, the set up of equipment and products and the regular intervals at which the pest professional must return to keep minimum risk of further infestations.  These intervals could be quarterly, monthly or even weekly, depending on the extent of the infestation.

Conducive areas, hygiene and sanitation are usually the culprits to high levels of pest infestations.  The customer also has to play its part in complying with any recommendations that Firstguard deem suitable. 

A great understanding between the customer and Firstguard is a must in battling an ongoing integrated pest control problem. Without this co-operation, a programme could be pointless. 

Below are some commercial industries:-

• Corporate • Supermarkets • Restaurants • Hotels/Hostels • Café’s • Clubs • Nursing Homes • Shopping Centres • Schools • Factories • Warehouses • Facilities Management