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postheadericon Wasp Nest Removal Kent and London

Wasps are a well known pest, spoiling many an outside party or barbeque. In single numbers they are a pest, in a nest of thousands they are a hazard. First Guard Pest Control have many years experience in removing wasps from around Kent, Medway and the London area, and during the summer months they keep us continuously on our toes.

Wasps are instantly recognised by their yellow and black striped bodies, and unlike their bee cousins, will happily sting you if provoked.

Medway, Kent and London often see two different types of wasp, the native common wasp and its European counterpart. Both have the distinctive stripes, but . The main difference is the physical size of the wasp, the common measuring 10 – 20mm with the European wasp being smaller.  However despite being small the European wasp can be more aggressive if disturbed.

After a winter of hibernating, spring awakens the queen, who nurtures her workers in as small nest. The workers continue to expand the nest for the queen to lay thousands of eggs, and when hatched, will either continue building the nest or go out to forage for over a mile in search of food. One nest may produce over 20,000 wasps in a year, peaking in August and September. This is when the workers become a nuisance in the search for more food, and the delights of your barbeque.

Wasp nests may be suspended from trees, nest boxes, sheds, fascias, rafters and dormer windows.

So how do you know you have a wasp problem? The most obvious sign is the number of wasps appearing, and if they are heading in the same direction, you are likely to have a nest somewhere.

DO NOT attempt to deal with a wasp nest yourself. Wasps will attack in large numbers to protect the integrity of the nest.

Let us worry about it, with our complete wasp nest removal service. If you have a wasp problem or wasps nest call First Guard Pest Control now. You can rely on us to provide a trustworthy and safe pest control solution, available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Call us on 0800 988 2816 or email us or use the contact form on this website.